Davos 2020: Mark Carney backs Greta Thunberg over climate emergency – live updates

Rolling coverage of the second day of the World Economic Forum in Davos, including Mark Carney on the climate emergency and Prince Charles on sustainability

As he arrived, Trump theatrically told reporters that “we have a great case” when asked about the impeachment trial that began yesterday:

US president Donald Trump has arrived back at the Davos congress centre for another day of meetings.

Mark Carney seems to be on Greta Thunberg’s side in her spat with Donald Trump over the climate emergency.

Speaking at Bloomberg’s green event at Davos, Carney says Thunberg is right to point out that the world is rapidly using up its remaining carbon budget and that the US stance makes tackling global heating more difficult.

Asked whether a common understanding is more difficult without the US Carney says:

But, the Bank of England governor adds that some of the leading thinking on climate crisis is coming from US financial sector and tech companies.

On Thunberg Carney says:

He points to Thunberg’s argument that climate science shows that the world has only eight years of emitting carbon at its current rate if there is to be a 67% chance of limiting global temperatures increase to 1.5 degrees centigrade.

Carney has been made Boris Johnson’s special adviser for the crucial COP 26 climate conference in Glasgow in December.

He tells his audience that Johnson understands the challenge:

Visiting the World Economic Forum is notoriously expensive, with hotels in very short supply.

But even so, the cost of Donald Trump’s visit is eye-watering, at over $4m according to Quartz.

That includes more than $700,000 on car rentals (including $34,000 on vehicles for Ivanka Trump alone). No wonder the streets of Davos were chockablock last night, as the world’s wealthy and important were (slowly) chauffeured home (we walked, of course).

Quartz explains:

There’s a certain amount of confusion about Sajid Javid’s movements in Davos, but we’ve been told he’s definitely here.

Rebecca English of the Daily Mail has some details of Prince Charles’s speech later today:

An addition to the agenda: UK chancellor Sajid Javid is appearing on a panel about the future of financial markets. Details here.

It’s 10.30am in Davos (9.30am GMT), along with US Treasury secretary Steven Mnuchin, IMF chief Kristalina Georgieva, and UBS’s Axel Weber.

Some early headlines from Mark Carney:

Full details shortly…

Here’s what happened yesterday in Davos, from Greta Thunberg’s call for action to Donald Trump’s dinner with top CEOs.

Good morning from Davos, where the second day of the World Economic Forum is getting underway.

The climate emergency is one of the big stories at Davos this year, even if the world’s most powerful man hasn’t grasped the issue.

Mark Carney, the outgoing Bank of England governor, is discussing the issue in here in Davos shortly, on a Bloomberg panel. He’s just been appointed as the UK government’s advisor for the next climate change conference (COP26), so could have some valuable insights.

Former US vice-president Al Gore is also in town, speaking with climate scientists about the urgent need to

The British Royal Family will continue its relationship with Davos, when Prince Charles will launch his Sustainable Markets Council (SMC). It’s a project to help financial markets become more sustainable.

ITV News explains:

EC president Ursula von der Leyen is addressing delegates, as is Spanish PM Pedro Sanchez, Pakistan’s Imran Khan and Iraq’s Barham Salih.

There could also be trade developments, with France close to dropping its plan to tax big US tech companies unilaterally. In return, we hear, they’d like Washington help find a multilateral solution to the issue.

Davos has also been rattled by the news that suspected Russian agents were caught here last year, pretending to be plumbers….

Basically there’s masses going on at WEF today. Here’s the programme, and here’s what we’ll be trying to cover

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